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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Beyond Basic (Intermediate) Photography Course, Class, Workshop in Singapore

The 7 hour photography workshop over 2 days in Singapore focuses on 3 main aspects of photography that can be applied to your travel photography.

1. Learn to apply powerful creative skills even with your basic knowledge.

2. Learn new and simple lighting skills in creative outdoor flash techniques.

3. Learn to see and create more persuasive and powerful images.

For photographers who want to improve their shots, this 2 day photography workshop in Singapore will launch your camera skills into a different orbit, it not only shows you how to shoot, it teaches you how to look at the world with a 'creative eye'.

The two day (3.5 hours each day) outdoor camera walk organized and guided by John around Singapore in small group will provide a solid, engaging and in-depth photography tips to improve your photography vision by maximizing your camera features and learning to see the world creatively. There will be ample time to ask questions and to try out your knew skills.

John's simple and easy to follow techniques and tips in exposure, composition, HDR, using creative blur and even fill-in flash will improve your shots on the spot.

See the latest dates for WS201 on our calendar to book your workshop.

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Bring out the joy of photography, go beyond.

Brings the joy out of photography as you flex your camera skills into action after you have learned the basics. Over time, you may picked up some basic skills from reading photography books and experimenting with your photography knowledge. You have pockets of basic photography knowledge from here and there. The 2 day Beyond Basic Photography Course, Class and Workshop in Singapore helps you to integrate you skills and put them into practical applications.

See how others have benefited from the photography class and workshop in Singapore. Regsiter & pay your fees 10 days before the class and enjoy $30 early bird discount.

Let our experience help you. See the latest dates for WS201 on our calendar to book your workshop.

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beyond basic photo workshop Singapore

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Let our experience coach you on how to become a better photographer by INTEGRATING your skills and learn new powerful skills such as outdoor flash in the 2 day Beyond Basic Photography Workshop, course, class in Singapore.

What to expect in the Intermediate / Beyond Basic Photography Workshop 201

  • Mastering & maximizing tone and histogram
  • Learning to see & compose creatively
  • Using TTL flash for creative fill-in with daylight.
  • Flash synchronization; auto synch & slow synch
  • Creative sunset and night scene.
  • Explore places in Singapore
  • Outdoor creative flash photography

Outdoor Flash Photography Singapore
Am I suitable for the photography course?

For those who already have the basic photography knowledge, there is no better way to explore Singapore than on foot with your camera. Walking photo tour are increasingly more popular with the benefit of learning various photography skills as well as enjoying the local amenities in Little India , Clarke Quay, Esplanade or Orchard Road in Singapore. Sip your tea or coffee as we go through our lesson. Simple but effective & unique way to learn photography in Singapore and apply the basic skills that you have learned.

Photography course outings in Singapore

The 2 day Beyond Basic Photography Workshop, Course, Class, WS 201 in Singapore has 2 outings, one in the morning and the other in the late afternoon and early evening to experience the different lighting condition.

Hear what others said about the Beyond Basic Photography Course :

"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher" A Japanese proverb.

I recently travelled from Christchurch, New Zealand to attend one of John's Beyond Basic WS201 photography courses.

I can't believe the difference it has made to my pictures, I now have a much better understand of exposure and composition, two key elements of a great picture.

John gave each of us plenty of one-on-one tuition, as well as just letting us learn from our mistakes. We spent a wonderful evening at Gardens By the Bay where John taught us how to take sunsets pictures (something I've struggled with for quite sometime).

I would highly recommend John to anyone that wants to improve their photography. Great service at a fair price.

R. Martin (Canon EOS 550d), NEW ZEALAND, July 2012

I'm very satisfied and glad that I've taken both WS 101 & 201 at one go. Within 2 weekends, I progressed from limited DSLR camera knowledge to someone who is comfortable with using D-SLR camera on Manual mode. Time and money well-spent indeed!

Yian Hah, Canon EOS , Singapore

Thank you for the wonderful time at the short WS 201 Nature @ Work photography course. My initial apprehension on the image of a group of expert photographers with big DSLR was unfounded and quickly disappeared after a few minutes into the course.

The explanations and instructions that you provided were simple and easy to follow. I have sent via Picasa the pictures taken, to my son in London, my sister in USA and a friend who is also playing with a DSLR. They all commented that the pictures were very interesting and much improved from my previous pictures.

Lew, Olympus OM-D, Singapore

I have enjoyed the class tremendously. The main benefit I got was empowerment, in that I am now better able to translate my artistic ideas into technical specifications on the camera to produce results which I want. That to me, is ultimate empowerment.

I am particularly impressed by your ability to simplify difficult technical concepts into easily digestible pieces of information. I look forward to using my new found knowledge to explore this absolutely captivating interest.

Rosmini , Canon EOS

See more testimonials and experience from other photographers.


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