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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Lastolite Professional Singapore Exposure Photography Workshop

photo workshop SIngaporeOnce you have a good understanding on the basic photography knowledge you could join the Beyond Basic Apply Practical Workshops and Courses . The 200 levels photography workshops and classes will quickly solidify your basic skills by practising with different shooting modes in various situations on people, landscape, architecture and scenery.

Xpo Balance Singapore Photography Workshop

Participants learned how to optimize their exposures during the digital exposure workshop, course in Singapore using Lastolite Xpo Balance.






photo workshop SingaporeImage (left) shows the correct digital exposure with the right tonal values. This is the correct way to optimize exposure. The white appears white and the grey appears grey.









photo workshop SIngaporeWith the wrong exposure (left) the middle and dark tones blend into one single dark tone while the white tone is grey. While post processing can adjust the tone, the quality of the image will not be optimized.

Correct exposure in digital photography is critical when you want to produce high quality images.

In WS 201 photography workshop, participants learn how to optimize their exposures with the Lastolite Professional Xpo Balance disc .





WS 201 - Apply Practical Beyond Basic Photography Workshop will guide you in better understanding on digital exposure by expanding on your basic understanding of the camera.