2 Day Best in class professional photography course, class, workshop in Singapore


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2 Day, Best in class professional photography class, course, class, workshop in Singapore


John Arifin, Msc, ARPS

2 day best in class photography course Singapore

We bring more than 25 years of passion in photography and teaching experience to you through 2 day, best in class professional photography class, course, workshop in Singapore with John Arifin.
It is not just the 2 day, but what you learned in the 2 days.

For photographers who want to improve their shots, this 2 day photography course, class workshop in Singapore will launch your camera skills into a different orbit,
it not only shows you how to shoot, it teaches you how to look at
the world with a 'creative eye'.

Learn how to capture the Aurora and Northern Light in Singapore

2 Day best in class photography courses and workshops in Singapore to inspire you...

Learn Camera Manual Exposure Mode in Singapore in our photography workshop

photo workshop Singapore Iceland

2 Day Best in Class Phptpgraphy Workshop Course in Singapore;

Jump-start your photography skills quickly and confidently, with our classes, courses, workshops to ignite your interest in photography with John Arifin. Here are the photography courses and workshops you can choose from. Find out more about how a 2 day, best in class professional photography class, course & workshop in Singapore can help you :

Learn Landscape Photography in Singapore

About John Arifin, Msc ARPS and professional photography class, course, workshop in Singapore

Recent testimonials from participants.

photography workshop Singapore

2 day Photography course Singapore - Best Birthday Gift Ever !!

The experience with John was brilliant!! He tailored the workshop to my experience level. He blended the technical and creative aspects of photography seamlessly. John shared a simple yet powerful framework which helped me develop a new lens through which to view the act of capturing an image.

The highlight for me was putting the framework to practice when we took pictures of the sunrise at the Merlion park, I was amazed at the results. I have now resumed taking my camera with me when I travel for work. The one on one workshop with John turned out to be one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received! Thank you.

2 day Photography workshop Singapore-John's approach is DIFFERENT

I have been taking lessons with other photography instructors over the years. But John’s approach is completely different and unique.

​John is friendly and easy-going. He doesn’t rush the participants into details and doesn’t give stacks of notes. He teaches progressively. He ensures that you understand the concept well before he moves on to the next step. His usage of technical terms is minimal. He gives short, crisp explanations in a simple manner that you will understand and remember for a long time. He is forthcoming to take any questions at any point of time. It was a real pleasure getting to know John as well as being in his class. It was worth the time and effort. I was able to grasp some difficult concepts and even some shots that I thought I would never be able to take. John made things so simple and he gave me the confidence to better teach photography to my junior pupils in school. 

Vennila B.

2 day, best in class professional photography class, course, class, workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

John Arifin is a Singapore based photographer and educator, having first taught a photo class and course in Singapore at the National University of Singapore Extramural Department in 1987. John attended master class at Brooks Institute of Photography in California in 1989 and participated in the BBC Wildlife Photo Symposium in London. He was awarded with his Associateship from Royal Photography Society (RPS) in UK in 1992. Back then he wished that he had a mentor to help and guide him on photography. With that in mind John decided to share his experience and skills with others in Singapore.

John and his wife Anna now travel across Asia to document wildlife and culture. In search of a perfect moment to freeze in time and to inspire others through images held from a photo journalistic view. They contributed their photographs and story write-ups to various regional magazines such as Asian Geographic, Asian Photography, Asian Escape, Wingspan-Birds Australia and Spa Asia. John received "Best of The Decade Award " in photojournalism from Asian Geographic Magazine in 2009. You can read their travel journal in PhotoTravelAsia.com

photographer Singapore photo course Singapore photography course singapore

John and Anna most recent contribution to Asian Geographic Magazine May 2014 on the Birds of Borneo ( see image below )

Birds of Borneo

2 Day Professional Photography class, course & workshop information in Singapore

Find out more how the 2 day Professional Photography course, workshop could help you.

We know that time is important to you and the quality of learning experience is not to be compromised. Confused about the digital jargons and the myriad of buttons & dials on your DSLR or puzzled by the various settings that your new camera have or you just want to learn how to maximize your camera? The 2 Day Basic Photography Course, Class and Workshop in Singapore will give you a head start so that you can start taking better pictures.

With our passion and experience in designing and developing the photography course by extracting the essence of photography to arrive at the vital techniques, tips and strategies. We have condensed the photography course into just 2 days. Spark your passion and begin your photography journey with us where you can quickly pick up your new skills and have fun in a 2 day photography class ,course, workshops in Singapore.

Singapore Corporate photography seminar, course, workshop information:

Besides leading workshops for companies in Singapore, John also conducts talks & seminars in Gujarat (India), Kuching, Sarawak and Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. Here are activities that John participated in Singapore and the region recently. John shared his " Natura and Wildlife Photography " experience with fellow photo enthusiasts organized by Canon Singapore.

photo seminar Singapore

Nature/wildlife Photography talk by Canon Singapore

Above and below : Nature & WildlifePhotography seminar organized by Canon Singapore

photography course Singapore

Image above shows John speaking in the corporate seminar in Singapore and Travel Photography Workshop in Singapore recently. Read more about 2 day professional Photography course, class and workshop in Singapore by John Arifin

John gave a talk at the Photography Seminar Singapore organized by NUS Photographic Society in the substation in Singapore below.

Nature Photography Seminar Singapore

John explained his exciting encounter with the Royal Bengal Tiger in India during the Photography Seminar in Singapore while entertaining the audience. The Royal Bengal tiger is the essence of Indian wildlife and ultimate big cat that once roamed in large numbers all over Asia.

photography seminar Singapore

Clubsnap Singapore Photography Seminar in November 2014 on Creative Flash Photography Talk by John Arifin.

clubsnap Singapore Photo Seminar

Read more about past events such as Incredible India @ 60 exhibition in Singapore.

photography course Singapore

Let our expereince help you in your photography journey through the 2 day photography course in Singapore.

photography workshop  Singapore

2 day, best in class professional photography class, course, class, workshop in Singapore with John Arifin




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