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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Personal Adobe Lightroom CC training class, course, workshop in Singapore

Bring out the best of your photography

Learn Basic Adobe Lightroom in 5 hours. Learn how to manage your digital images, learn how to develop your images, optimize your exposure in the Personal Adobe Lightroom CC Training class, course, workshop in Singapore by John Arifin. Learn to backup your images and catalog.

Learn Adobe Lightroom Singapore


Personal Adobe Lightroom CC Training Singapore
The night sky above was taken by Nyet Kiew, is a combination 44 image stack with 15 dark frames.

Personal Adobe Lightroom Training Singapore

Nyet Kiew processed the combined original image above after Adobe Lightroom CC Training Course in Singapore in 2019.

  Adobe Lightroom Singapore

Your Lightroom Course leader in Singapore - John Arifin, Inspiring others through awesome images

Adobe Lightroom met rigorous workflow demands with ease..
For example, for a recent exhibition, John had to select 70-80 photographs out of nearly 6,000 RAW images from his trips. The photographs had to be touched-up, optimized, captioned and printed for the exhibition within a tight timeline of only two weeks. In addition, the selected photos had to be printed on different paper sizes without any compromise in image quality. Printing the photos alone would have been time consuming, taking at least several days for completion. However, John was able to quickly import the RAW photos into Lightroom, which helped him to easily select and edit the images.



Testimonial 1

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for the last 3 years. I have learnt to use it largely through trial-and-error learning from friends and internet. I recently attended the 5 hour Adobe Lightroom class in Singapore and I was simply taken aback by how much I did not know!

The class provided me with simple and effective workflow to manage the photos which gave everyone in the class the confidence and excitment to use Adobe Lightroom.

Dilong Goh, Canon 5DIII, 2014

Testimonial 2

I have used Adobe Lightroom for about 12 months but I found that I have created multiple Lightroom Catalogs and my images are stored everywhere such that I could not locate them.

The Adobe Lightroom class helped me to streamline my workflow by consolidating my files and merging my multiple Catalogs. I learned how to use of Adobe Lightroom more efficiently to manage and edit my photographs.I want to express my appreciation for the close follow-up with me after the course. You have certainly conducted your course in a very personal manner

Kelvin Wee, 2014


I am a firm believer that good image starts with good photograph. Understanding Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ®™ will enable you to improve your image further and manage your workflow more efficiently. Adobe Lightroom simplifies photography from shoot to finish to accelerate your workflow. It allows non destructive editing, efficient image viewing for evaluation and comparison.


  1. You come back with a few hundreds or a few thousands images.
  2. You down load into your computer and you select the good images. Tedious PROCESS? Are you spending more time behind the computer? Is the digital workflow slowing you down?
  3. How do you organize and edit them quickly for printing or web gallery?
  4. Are you having multiple lightroom Catalogs and files stored everywhere?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ®™ workshop will improve your image management and digital workflow from RAW to final products.

What is covered in the Adobe Ligghtroom class in Singapore

  • Learn Lightroom architecture
  • Understand LR Catalog.
  • Learn how to set up a robust system that saves time.
  • Lean to backup images and catalog.
  • Understand histogram and simple steps to edit your image
  • Learn to automate your process.

Key Benefits:

  1. Start building your image library to organize your images.
  2. Use the right strategy so you don't have to redo or reimport your images.
  3. Get organize with master catalog and library.
  4. Save time.

See how John Arifin Inspires others using Awesome images with
Adobe Lightroom for his workflow (or click this link).

Frquently Asked Questions:

1.Which version of Adobe Lightroom should I be using ?

It does not matter too much whether you are using Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud). The purpose of the class is not to go through every features of the software but rather to give you a firm and solid understanding of the architecture and how to start using it to manage and edit your images in the most efficient way. (If you are using a very new camera, there is a chance that Lightroom may not support your RAW images yet or you may need to upgrade to the latest version).

2.Does it matter if I use Adobe Lightroom on PC or Mac ?

Adobe Lightroom runs on both platform, PC and Mac. It does not matter if you use either of the platform as long as you meet the minimum requirement of the software. For example to run Lightroom 5 in Windows you need Windows 7 with service pack 1 or Windows 8. For Mac OS , you need Mac OS X v10.7 or V10.8.

3.Do I need to bring my computer with the software ?

Yes, you need to bring your laptop to learn how to use the software and workflow. Our main purpose is to get you started building your library with Adobe Lightroom right from your machine.

4. When is the next Lightroom class ?

The class schedule for Adobe Lightroom is normally on Saturday morning from 0900 to 1400 hours. The date is established based on request from participants if workshop date has not been published. Check out the workshop schedule or contact me to request for a date at least 30 days prior to the workshop

5. How do I set up my main library & backup my data? Drobo backup on Adobe Lightroom

If you save your images on your computer hard drive, you will soon see your computer performance slowing down. I suggest you start saving your images on external and secondary hardrive as backups and performaing your backups on regular basis. I have relied on DROBO to save my images and Lightroom Catalog.


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