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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

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Photography course, class,workshop Singapore

Voices from participants- Beginners and experienced users

Testimonials are voices from the participants. They came from different photography backgrounds with different needs. Some were absolute beginners who just bought new DSLR who wanted to take better travel and family holiday photographs. Others had pockets of photography knowledge.

What they experienced in the workshops

In the 3 day photography classes, courses, workshops, we showed them how to see the world in a different light and how to have visions because photographs are not just a mere record of time and moments but rather a creation of your vision. We demistified photography for those who were new to it so that they could now control and maximize their cameras. We learned to solve problems together so that they can confidently move forward with their new skills.

What keep us going for the last 24 years in sharing our skills and experiences was to see the glow in their faces and the smiles they gave us at the end of the class. Photography is a journey not a destination. Success breeds success. Success is coaching others to succeed in their photography journeys. The learning does not end after the class, participants are connected via Facebook.

Participants came from as far as Alaska, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, UK, Western Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has made our class very international, colorful and enjoyable.

We believe in 4 basic guiding principles

P - Personal. Everyone is special.

E - Experience. 25 years of experience to share.

S - Simplicity. Making complex things simple.

I - Inspirational. Inspired by photography,

Here are their testimonials from all the various classes.

I had previously attended a Basic Photography Course elsewhere but after completing it found I still did not have a clear understanding of the basics of photography and found it all rather confusing. I then decided to look for another course and after some research came across John's website.

I have just completed the Basic WS101 course and now really feel I have learnt and understand the concepts. John has a great way of explaining the complicated and technical side of the subject into a clear and easy way of understanding it. The small class size with plenty of interaction is another bonus. I now have a lot more confidence and inspiration than before I went on the course and am really excited about building on what I learnt. If you want to learn more about Photography, don't look any further, I would highly recommend John's courses.

Alison, Nikon D70S

I ploughed through two photography books not really understanding what I was doing but now I can use them as reference books as I now know all about depth of field, f-stops, histograms, aperture, etc, etc!  The practical day out was really enjoyable and useful.  As cliched as it sounds, you really did open my eyes to a new way of taking photos.

Me Ling

The class was really insightful and helpful for me to know more about photography. It alsohave the right material balance between theory and practice for this stage.

I got a Canon EOS 7Das a Christmas present and started to take picture on full Auto mode when we had a family holidays in Chiangmai Thailand at the end of 2009.


Thanks for the very informative and well-organised class. I had a great time. The course structure really helped me to better understand the basic principles of photography which was my primary objective in participating.


The workshop was excellent. John is highly experienced, open, friendly and helpful with lots of patience. After Workshop the photos  turn out so natural and beautiful. I loved the whole experience of the workshop which is very useful to me and to my profession all the time. The 2nd day on-field experience was very useful and wonderful.

Saranjit Nikon D7000

After 3 days attending John's Basic Photography course in early Feb, he has made a technically difficult subject into something very simple. It's just about balancing the relationship of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture and with that I move away from full Auto mode totally.

Amazed with my new found skill, I went out to practice on 2 consecutive weekends. I then decided to continue my learning and went on to register myself for Beyond Basic (WS201) which is to happen in end of Mar.

I was afraid that might be too technically heavy going for me. John assured me and I attended the class. It turned out to be not only smooth sailing but also an enjoyable 2 days outing.

Amazingly, what turn out to be a Christmas present made me becomes a hobbyist in photography in the span of 2 months period. 

Thank you very much John for building the confidence and open many possibilities within me to move forward with photography

Patrick, Canon EOS 7D


I also wanted to share with you the progress that I could make so far in my journey of learning and exploration. 
Your classes have been very useful and if there is a single phrase to encapsulate my feeling for them: the classes helped me hit the ground running. They helped me appreciate the main elements of photography and get started with both thought and action.
The classes have provided me with many answers, they have also stimulated my thought and spurred me to question so many things. It was these questions that have struck me (especially after the class) that have helped me a lot. My quest for answering these questions have helped me come across many interesting websites and books.

I have become so enamoured myself like - an Alice in the wonderland and may be wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole goes :) So I have read Bryan Peterson (Understanding Exposure), A Digital Field Guide on composition (Alan Hess) and currently reading Michael Freeman on Exposure and Composition. Each of these books have helped me crystallize the concepts better and made me progress further in my learning further. (these books are besides the blogs and web resources that I occasionally tap into) 

Most weekends I find myself experimenting and applying my learning to some good practice. I thoroughly enjoy every such 'practice session' as it makes me - simply put - DO THINGS! Have started uploading a few pica online too and have been receiving some kind words of appreciation from different people. Such things make me realize that I can and should put in all the more effort to learn and grow to greater heights in photography. 
I've always wanted to play with DSLR cameras and create some great art ever since I was very young and I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of fulfilling my dream! Many thanks John for helping me get this journey started. Looking forward to more interactions with you and lot of insightful learnings from an expert and a great teacher like you! 

Thank you so much for your guidance last 3 days.
Your 3 days workshop solves my 10 years dilemma on certain settings and most of all, my passion for photography is back and alive again.

Besides your structured course, there are many words of wisdom i take away from your course especially,"Being good at photography includes being good at visualizing. " Siqi

I have no words to thank you for the way you opened up my skills with your coaching and especially introducing and mentoring me with the Adobe Lightroom stuff. I can now see what was missing in my pictures and am really enjoying my photography better than ever, I am writing this as I'm editing my pictures in Lightroom and seeing the miracles its doing to my pictures.


Thank you for the wonderful time at the short WS 201 Nature @ Work photography course. My initial apprehension on the image of a group of expert photographers with big DSLR was unfounded and quickly disappeared after a few minutes into the course.

The explanations and instructions that you provided were simple and easy to follow. I have sent via Picasa the pictures taken, to my son in London, my sister in USA and a friend who is also playing with a DSLR. They all commented that the pictures were very interesting and much improved from my previous pictures.

I have also attached a few photos taken during the past few days. The funny structures were taken inside Central Mall on Monday while walking to your house. The group photo is also attached. May God Bless you and your family.

Lew, Panasonic G10

Thank you so much for all your time and effort teaching and explaining to us today. It was a wonderful class and I learned so much.  You explained it all in a way that made it much more understandable and helped to build a foundation that I can add to.
Debbie Rathbun

Like to thank you for a very valuable learning opportunity. I like how you use analogies and questions to reinforce the concepts to make sure that we are familiarized with them, and especially today, I enjoyed the time reviewing the photos in the magazine and those of yours to better understand the techniques behind the photos. Thanks again for your patience, and am sure you'll see me again in your intermediate class!
Sing Hwee

"Who would have thought you could learn the techniques of cool photography in only 3 days? I not only learn the technical functions of my camera, but has also put those theories in practice during the lessons. John's teaching is great because it does not follow the conventional teaching method but is more hands on. A must join to all budding photographers who is always using the "Auto" mode . I have truly enjoyed myself and will definitely continue to pursue my photography dream. Thanks a bunch John."

I am usually a bit skeptical about these classes because I didn't really get much out of the ones I attended before. So I came to John's class with a skeptical mind and not sure what to expect. But I have to say that I'm surprised at how much I have learned in just 3 days!

Thank you John for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. This course is not just a teach-and-learn experience but the beginning of a journey for me to explore the fascinating world of photography

Zhilin, Canon EOS 400D

Thanks again for another inspirational weekend on Macro Photography. I've come away with a wealth of new knowledge and am confident enough to go out there in the field and get shooting macro! See Dawns website here

Dawn Black (http://www.dawnsblackphotography.com/)

It was a wonderful and enjoyable session for me too. My objectives are met by the course and certainly have seen photography in a different perspective now.

Dickson, Canon EOS 5D

Thanks for what you taught us. I have tried using these techniques last week and must say my 'Histograms' look great... now I find that I need to do very little adjustments to my photos in Photoshop to get the right exposure and feel.


It was really terrific. I never thought that I could get my exposure skills to this kind of level in just a couple of days. The quality of the pictures I was able to take with your guidance was incredible. The results are absolutely magic. Thank you again for your guidance.

Tam, Sony Alpha 200,

I booked 2 half day one-to-one sessions with John. I have a good deal of experience as a photographer but John was able to adapt his instruction and expertise to my own levels and between us, we had a good time. John is enthusiastic, good fun and a great instructor. I think I can also say that he actually gained something from the experience too, so all round, the 2 days were of excellent value. My skills behind the lens have been honed by John and I am delighted with the new – and much improved - results I am achieving.

Clive, Nikon D80

I really enjoyed the workshop and the way that you simplified techniques using practical examples. It was also important to me to hear you speak about getting the photograph right and that you don't rely on edits on Photoshop. I feel comfortable that now I can use my D90 to a much higher level and get much more from myself rather than relying on the camera to make up for my missing knowledge. So I will surely see you again soon in one of your workshops.

David, Nikon D90

The most important thing I discovered in the Nature @ Work photography workshop in Singapore is actually utilizing all the functions of the camera. I felt the course has improved me TECHNICALLY to take better photos.

Raj, Nikon D40

One of the most enjoyable activities I've participated in a very long time! You really have a special ability to take complex and technical detail and explained them in such a simple form ... and there is your patience too .You explained it all in a way that made it much more understandable and helped to build a foundation that I can add to.

Akiko, Pentax K100,

I have learned a lot from your 3-day workshop prior to having zero knowledge on camera or photography except reading pictorial book. Your workshop was easy to understand and I could instantly apply the theory when I pick up my SLR camera.

When I shot this dragon fly on the hot, sunny mid day,, I was blinded by the reflection of the rock. I immediately applied the skills learned from John on the outcome of a picture I want. The basic workshop WS 101 has given me the confidence to explore my camera and I will continue to discover the journey of photography. I regret not learning from you earlier.

Katherine,Nikon D40X


I have been taking photos for more than 8 years. I started with film and have now moved into digital for the past 4 years. Until June this year, what I know about photography has been self taught or from books. Initially I had reservations about attending a photography class because I felt there was nothing more I can learn. How wrong I was! After attending your basic class, I had learnt at least 3 things I never knew in the last 8 years. Upon completion of your intermediate class, I was totally humbled. I wished I could turn back the clock and attended your class 8 years ago.

You have a special way of explaining complicated subjects. You had a class of students with very different levels of photography experience but you still managed to keep the attention of the seasoned students without losing the beginners. This is really testimony to your experience and personality. You are a friend to all who wants to learn more about photography. Your course duration is just right, your field trips are real eye-openers and your enthusiasm to share is simply contagious.

Now I see the world in a different light and I know I have embarked on a new journey…..into the world of photography. Thank you, John.

Peter , Canon EOS

I have enjoyed the class tremendously. The main benefit I got was empowerment, in that I am now better able to translate my artistic ideas into technical specifications on the camera to produce results which I want. That to me, is ultimate empowerment.

I am particularly impressed by your ability to simplify difficult technical concepts into easily digestible pieces of information. I look forward to using my new found knowledge to explore this absolutely captivating interest.

Rosmini , Canon EOS

I have had a great time with the course, it was a great pleasure to learn from someone with the technical expertise, an eye for the unusual in daily life & above all a generous teacher.

In the last 2 years, I have read many photography books, attended online course but I believe this experience has proven to be the most beneficial. It was a great kick to be able to learn, ask & share in such a personal way with the teacher & group. In 3 days, I have learnt many new things & I also feel that the bits & pieces of information that I have had are falling into places.

I truly enjoyed learning in such an encouraging & positive environment. I love & agree with you when you said that there's no wrong angle to approaching any picture because that angle is unique to the eye of the beholder.

Please continue the good work of sharing your technical expertise & more importantly your passion & love for the art of light.

Carolyn, Canon EOS

I was a little bit tired of taking pictures of the holiday-snap variety and so was looking around for a photography class when I found John Arifin's website - it looked professional and well-grounded and I thought OK, this might be a good start.

I opted to take a private lesson ( 1 on 1 ) instead of a workshop to suit my work schedule, and it was one of the best ideas I have had in a long time!

John was patient, professional, and quick to answer the million questions I had, and the result was one of those rare occasions when you actually learn something important and useful in a very short span of time. Now I can move to the next level, thanks to John!

L. Pasqual,

Having "played" around with photography for many years, I had never really left the Automatic settings of my camera, hence my photos were always average.

John explained the differences in Aperture and Speed priorities in such an easy language that I was able to move off Automatic easily and confidently.

Having more creative control over the outcome is what makes a photo truly memorable. I really look forward to the next learning experience .

I would encourage all those wanting to get some truly amazing assistance with photography to give John a call no matter what your level or age.

Steve Young

I enjoyed and learned very much in your 2 courses. I know it is difficult to cater to all levels of students. But, you tried to and did well. I found your interactive method of teaching very stimulating.

You were confident in answering our many questions simply because you have extensive knowledge and experience in photography. You attempted to answer every question.

It is difficult to find in Singapore, experts who can also impart and communicate their teachings well. You are probably an exception. I could see your passion for photography and commitment to teach others.

If I may speak on behalf of the rest, we felt as if we were fellow photographers with you, and not merely as students, in both courses.

Both of your courses have succeeded in enabling me to to control my camera, rather than the other way round all these years. The theories which you explained so simply, were very useful, and they should enable me to understand photography much more.

Wee Peng,Nikon