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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Complete Photography Course, Class and Workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Complete Singapore Photography Courses, class and workshop by John Arifin in Singapore

Here are the Complete course on practical and creative photography courses we offer on the regular basis in Singapore; Courses that we offer are for adults and children . We are located near Somerset MRT near Orchard Road in Singapore.

WS 101 Basic Photography For Absolute Beginners
(Weekday or Weekend)

Basic Photography class Singapore

Get to know your new DSLR
in 2 or 3 days

  • Get out of Automatic mode
  • Understand shutter,, aperture, ISO inside out
  • Learn to maximize your camera
  • Capture great sunrise and sunset
  • Learn shooting strategies to get better image.
  • Build your confidence through practical session.
  • Demistify photography
  • See WS 101 workshop details

WS 201 Beyond Basic Photography Workshop (Weekday or Weekend)

beyond basic photography workshop singapore

Go beyond basic in 2 or 3 days

  • Mastering & maximizing tone and histogram
  • Learning to see & compose creatively
  • Using TTL flash for creative fill-in with daylight.
  • Flash synchronization; auto synch & slow synch
  • Creative sunset and night scene.
  • Explore places in Singapore
  • Outdoor creative flash photography
  • Workshop details WS 201

WS 105 Private 1 on 1 Workshop on
Basic and Beyond Basic Photography

Beyond Basic Photography workshop

Up to the next level through Personal Coaching
in 2 days.

  • 7 hours coaching in 2 days
  • 3.5 hours per day
  • Lecture, outing and review
  • For those who cannot attend the group workshop and have special needs
  • See WS 105 workshop details

WS 203 Apply Practical Macro
& Close up Photography Workshop

macro photography class Singapore

Turn something ordinary into extra ordinary

  • Learn how to get close without macro lens.
  • Learn flash techniques in Macro Photography
  • Learn to shoot moving objects
  • Get SHARP images
  • 2 outings plus 1 lecture
  • See macro photography details

WS 205 Adobe Lightroom - 5
A 5 hour workshop for photographers

adobe lightroom Singapore

Shot right from the start...

  • Learn Lightroom architecture
  • Understand LR Catalog.
  • Learn how to set up a robust system that saves time.
  • Lean to backup images and catalog
  • Understand histogram and simple steps to edit your image
  • Learn to automate your process.
  • Adobe Lightroom details

Photography Gift Vouchers
& Gift Certificate

Gift voucher photography
Photography gist voucher Singapore

For someone who loves photography


The recipient can attend either :

  • WS 101 Basic Photography
  • WS 201 Apply Practical Beyond Basic Photography
  • WS 203 Apply Practical Macro Photography
  • Gift voucher also available for 1 on 1 workshop
  • See GIFT Certficate details.

Aboves are the photography courses, classes and workshops in Singapore designed by John Arifin to fit your busy program schedule. The classes are short, normally 2 to 3 day, with practical and theory, over weekday or weekend, conducted in Singapore. Select the suitable photography course, class & workshop in Singapore to improve your skills.

photography course class workshop Singapore

The 2-Day photography course in Singapore to spark and ignite your photography journey. Learn to create better images by understanding the basic principles and master your camera quickly through the photography workshop led by John Arifin.

From Snap shots to great shots.
Get out of the boring AUTOMATIC mode.

The new automatic mode in the digital camera is great when you know nothing about photography and when lighting is good. It does get you good pictures. However, when light is not ideal, your pictures will suffer. The 2 day photography course and workshop in Singapore will get you from snap shots to great shots & improve your success rate.

Beginners in photography in Singapore

If you are a beginner and not maximizing your camera and your pictures are not up to your expectation. Let us help you and show you how. While having a good camera will help you get the image what is more important than the camera is your vision and skills.

Discover your camera and see the world in a different light

Discover and explore your camera. Don't just learn the buttons but learn to understand photography. We demistified photography for those who were new to it so that they could now control and maximize their cameras. We learned to solve problems together so that they can confidently move forward with their new skills.

Photography is a journey not a destination.

Photography course Singapore

Since 2002. Nature @ Work Photography Workshop and program in Singapore

At Nature @ Work, we started sharing our passion in 2002 in a small group. When top of the line D-SLR was just 5 mega pixel and entry level cameras were very expensive for everyone to affort. In the 2 to 3 day photography classes, courses, workshops, we showed participants how to see the world in a different light and how to have visions because photographs are not just a mere record of time and moments but rather a projection of your vision.

What keep us going for the last 20 years in sharing our skills and experiences and to see the glow in their faces and the smiles they gave us at the end of the class. Photography is a journey not a destination. Success breeds success. Success is coaching others to succeed in their photography journeys. The learning does not end after the class, participants are connected via facebook .

Participants came from as far as Alaska, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Sri Lanka, UK, Western Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has made our class very international, colorful and enjoyable.

Here are testimonials from participants.

In the 2 or 3 day Basic photography course, class and workshop in Singapore you will :

1. Learn to control your camera

2. Be Inspired by photography

3. Get out of the AUTOMATIC mode

4. Maximize your camera features

5. Learn powerful composition skills

6. Learn to create POWERSHOTS with your camera.

7. Built your confidence