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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Aurora Northern Light Photography Singapore Workshop

There is no aurora in Singapore but you can certainly learn how to successully capture the aurora in Singapore. Since 2014, we have helped many photographers to prepare for their trips to Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland on aurora photography Singapore.

  1. More and more people (even non photographers) are interested to capture the amazing aurora in the northern (or southern) hemisphere.
  2. While aurora is spectacular, they are not easy to capture with just a simple point-and-shoot smart phone camera (meaning just by using the automtic mode).
  3. The environment is challenging and cold at night. You don't want to fumble with your camera in the sub zero temperetaure.
  4. On the other hand, there is no need to invest in a very expensive equipment. Your normal D-SLR camera or mirrorless camera can achieve spectacular aurora image with the right techniques.
  5. With the right skill you learn in Singapore in the 2 day"Aurora northern light photography Singapore Workshop" you can prepare yourself for an exciting aurora photography.
  6. Learn how to set up the exposure correctly, by choosing the optimal ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
  7. Learn to focus in low light.
  8. Learn how to maximize your camera and protect your equipment in the cold and wet weather.
  9. Learn how to avoid common mistakes.

There is no aurora in Singapore but you can certainly learn how to prepare yourself how to successully capture the aurora in Singapore through "Aurora Northern LightPhotography Singapore Workshop".

aurora photography singapore

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Here is a photo journey by LYNN who did the worlshops and captured the northern light in 2016.

The Northern Lights – the pursuit of that one pic that changed it all

  • What happend to many of us contented with the smart phones:

    As age caught up and shoulders became frozen, my friends and I started to travel lighter and lighter. We soon forsook our SLRs, DSLRs, and even the "idiot proof" cameras, eventually using only the cameras embedded in our handy smartphones/ ipads. As a photographer friend put it, we became "the Stapler gang", happily taking in the sights with one arm stretched out, holding up the trusty phone camera. Whilst he conceded that we did have some decent compositions, the image quality was too pixelated when it was enlarged. And he showed us what he meant with the gorgeous photos he took of Dubrovnik. But, we remained fairly contented with our "Staplers" as they were light, easy to use, and the photos could be uploaded very quickly on Facebook and shared with our friends.
  • Aurora, northern light hunters:

    Then, we signed up for a trip to Finland, with the objective of seeing the Northern Lights. Excitement grew, and as we researched, we realised that the Aurora, may sometimes be too weak for the naked eye, but can be captured on a good camera with stunning results. Alas, the smartphone camera would not be able to operate well in the dark, and under extreme cold weather conditions. So, we upgraded to proper cameras, and one of them was even a Leica.
  • In search of camera skills to photograph the aurora in Singapore:

    Camera – check. Skills?... Woefully lacking. We panicked when we realised that whilst the cameras were great, we were doing gross injustice to the cameras with unsatisfactory photos. With just about 1 month to our Finland trip, we signed up for classes with John Arifin, Basic Photography 101 after reading some great reviews.

    The first session was spent mostly on theory, but it was time well spent. Previous attempts at reading books, internet articles only succeeded in confusing me. I could not understand how speed, aperture, ISO interacted to produce the photos, let alone master them, but John has the gift of using simple metaphors to explain. Then, we held our cameras… and with bated breath, and learnt the "simple" 80-20 rules from John. He promised that he would teach us the 20% of skills that would produce the maximum impact.
  • Experience with the Basic and beyond Basic Photography Workshops in Singapore.

    Taking us to the streets of Singapore, John more than delivered on his promise… from "controlling" the flow of water, human traffic, and cars, to playing with the depth of field to achieve the bokeh in macros and portraits, to panning shots of cyclists riding merrily amidst the speeding cars. Finally, we were able to produce effects that we intended. On learning that we were going to Finland to capture the Aurora, John even spent time giving us very useful tips on the settings to use. We even managed to squeezed in Beyond Basic 201, before flying to Finland.

  • The final test with the aurora and northern light.

    As the trip approached, we prayed earnestly, boldly asking God to bless us with a dazzling display of the Northern Lights on the first night and He answered. Armed with our newfound knowledge, with cameras and tripods in tow, we braved the temperatures of below minus 30°C and snapped away. With each shot, we marvelled at what our cameras captured, which was significantly more brilliant than what our mortal eyes saw.

    Here are the end results… the One Pic that changed it all.

    John, many thanks for re-awakening the love for photography. It is truly joyous to be able to re-produce what we see and experience with our friends and family.

    aurora photography Singapore aurora photography workshop singapore
    p.s. The above photos were edited using Lightroom, another essential skill that John imparted.

    I want to thank Lynn for sharing her images to other keen photographers on her photography journey of northern lights.

Learn Adobe Lightroom Singapore

Aurora, Northern Light photography journey from Singapore. Posted on February 22, 2014 . Image by Connie .

Connie, one of our photography workshop participants, braved the cold subzero temperature and the rough condition recently in February to witness the spectacular event and recorded the aurora with her D-SLR. Here are her images taken on tripod at speed of about 20-30 seconds. The images have been edited in Adobe Lightroom to bring out the aurora and the existing night sky and the surrounding ambient light and foreground.

Connie has been using film for many years. She switched to digital just last year, in 2013. I want to thank her for sharing her images to other keen photographers on her photography journey of northern light .

Aurora, northern light journey from Singapore .