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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

2 Day Photography Courses & Workshops in Singapore to Inspire you.

2 day photography courses and workshops in Singapore to inspire you before the end of the year led by John Arifin.

2 day photo workshop Singapore

If you like to take beautiful photographs, we have a few short photography workshops and courses in Singapore in small group to ignite your passion by learning how to take" full control of your camera" and "train your creative visions".

Let our passion and teaching experience take you to a different orbit in your photography journey in Singapore before the end of the year. It not only shows you how to master the camera, it teaches you how to look at the world with an 'artistist's eye'.

Register your workshop early as the classes are done in small group.

photo courses Singapore

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3 Recent Testimonials on the photography workshops in Singapore by John Arifin.

  • Best Birthday Gift Ever !!

The experience with John was brilliant!! He tailored the workshop to my experience level.He blended the technical and creative aspects of photography seamlessly. John shared a simple yet powerful framework which helped me develop a new lens through which to view the act of capturing an image.

The highlight for me was putting the framework to practice when we took pictures of the sunrise at the Merlion park, I was amazed at the results. I have now resumed taking my camera with me when I travel for work.

I highly recommend this class to anyone with a love of photography who wants to enhance their skills and indulge their passion for taking pictures!

John is wonderful company and very forthcoming with advice and insights on photography I spent an enjoyable two days with him during the workshop. I for one will most definitely be signing up for more workshops with John!

The one on one workshop with John turned out to be one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received! Thank you, Alexandra!!!


  • We attaended all the 3 photography workshops in Singapore

    My wife Karen and I were looking for a beginners food photography course when after several searches on the internet we came across this site offering courses ranging from beginners to ‘Beyond’ to editing (Lightroom) and more.

    The photos by John Arifin are captivating to say the least. They re-ignited our love for Nature which had been kept away in the cupboard for umpteenth years as we were unable to express it well in the photos that we had been taking.

    We immediately registered for the two half-day beginners course that was to be held the very next morning. We love the small group size and the very personal interactions that John had with each one of us during the course, promptly addressing our questions well. We love his teaching pedagogy. It was inspirational. And he ensured we could apply what had been taught. This was so different from a previous course that we attended years back. We duly signed on to John’s ‘Beyond’ course. The street photography reinforced what we learned during the beginners course plus much more.

    Our confidence in photography increased tremendously. So, it was only logical that we also attended his Lightroom editing course . With his unique teaching pedagogy, he unraveled the many capabilities of Lightroom. Now, it is left to us to hone our photography skills and enjoy the wonderful world that photography brings out, not just in Nature but even in so-called mundane everyday activities. Our original objective - food photography - was also achieved. We have absolutely no reservations in recommending John’s courses to young and old, especially those with busy schedules. Thank you, John, for opening our lenses.

    William an Karen
  • John's approach is DIFFERENT

    I have been taking lessons with other photography instructors over the years. But John’s approach is completely different and unique.

    ​John is friendly and easy-going. He doesn’t rush the participants into details and doesn’t give stacks of notes. He teaches progressively. He ensures that you understand the concept well before he moves on to the next step. His usage of technical terms is minimal. He gives short, crisp explanations in a simple manner that you will understand and remember for a long time. He is forthcoming to take any questions at any point of time. It was a real pleasure getting to know John as well as being in his class. It was worth the time and effort. I was able to grasp some difficult concepts and even some shots that I thought I would never be able to take. John made things so simple and he gave me the confidence to better teach photography to my junior pupils in school. 

    Vennila B.