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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

2 day best in class photography workshop Singapore

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2 Day Monthly Photography Courses Singapore with John Arifin
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Photography Courses
Timing Photo Course Date &Time Fees
June 2017
3 & 4 June 101 Basic Photography WS 101 Sat/Sun 3 & 4 June, Sat/Sun 1430 to 1800 S$350
8 & 9
101 Weekday Basic Photography WS 101 Thur/Fri 8 June ,0900 to 1230
9 June 0900 to 1230
10 & 11
101 Basic Photography WS 101 Sat/Sun 10 & 11 June, Sat/Sun 1430 to 1800 S$350
17 & 18
201 Beyond Basic WS 201 Sat/Sun 17 June, 0900 to 1230
18 June,1600:1930
24 & 25 June 201 Beyond Basic WS 201
(Hari Raya Workshop)
Sat/Sun 24 June, 1600-1930
25 June, 0830-1200
July 2017
8 & 9 July 101 Basic Photography WS 101 Sat/Sun 8 & 9 July Sat/Sun 1430 to 1800 S$350
13 & 14 July 101 Weekday Basic Photography WS 101 Thu/Fri 13 July ,0900 to 1230
14 July, 0900 to 1230
15 & 16
201 Beyond Basic WS 201 Sat/Sun 15 July, 0900 to 1230
16 July, 1600:1930
22 July 203 Adobe Lightroom Sat 0900 to 1400 S$230
  1. Note that the course date and time may change nearer the workshop.
  2. Register early so that we can inform you of the change if any.
  3. The above course schedule in Singapore is updated on : 21 May 2017

Early-bird discount:

  • There will be an early bird discount of S$30/- for those who pay 10 days before the class.

Workshop venue:

  • Basic workshops and Adobe Lightroom will be conducted near Somerset MRT, Orchard Road.
  • Beyond Basic workshop and camera walk will be conducted at various locations in Singapore.

Can't find a suitable workshop date!

If you cannot find a suitable photo workshop date and you have a few people interested in doing the workshop together at your own prefered date & time, please contact me to form a small group.


Photo Workshop Registration

Please note:

No payment is required until we confirm and acknowledge your 2 day photography workshop registration in Singapore by :

1) SMS or WhatsAp.

2) For overseas participants we will confirm via WhatsAp or Email.

3) You will receive a separate email to inform you on your registration status. Please keep a lookout for that , and/or check your junk mail as well.

Please call us at (65) 6235-0021 if you do not get an e-mail reply within 48 hours or 2 working days.



1. Class type and timing (Choose one)
2. Class & date (Choose one)

If you cannot find the right class date, please contact me .
Your Name (First and Last name)
Local Contact Number

include country code if not Singapore

Your phone number is important for us to confirm your registration via phone or email or WhatsAp.

Are you on WhatsAp ?


No ( or don't know)

Active E-mail address
Camera model

i.e. Canon 700D, Nikon D801, Olympus OMD-EM1..etc

Which version Adobe Lightroom are you using now?
(Adobe Lightroom Class Only)
Version LR6, LR CC (creative Cloud)
Preferred Payment mode
(Choose one)

How you get to know us ?
(Choose one)

Please type in the CODE below then then press SUBMIT. If you cannot read the code you can refresh it to get another code.Otherwise, contact me via e-mail.

Your mode of payment

By Cheque.

Please make cheque payable to " Nature @ Work " 10 days before the class starts and get S$30 early bird discount.

Make a cheque payable to " Nature @ Work " with the correct amount to confirm participation after we acknowledge your registration.

Do write behind the cheque:

a) Your name :
b) Workshop date :
c) Contact number :

By On-line internet transfer to Nature @ Work.

We will provide details via e-mail upon request. Make sure that your bank account and your name above are the same. Early bird discount applies when paid 10 days before the workshop.

We cannot received payment via credit card.

If you are an overseas participant please contact me on the mode of payment. If you have no access to internet, skip, please contact us by phone below.